Welcome to Eagle’s Nest Retreat!

Eagle’s Nest Retreat is a beautiful and remote gated community with all amenities within a 30-mile radius unlike anything else found in the area, trust me, we’ve searched! We were searching for years to find the perfect location to develop but it seems that nothing clicked, that is, until Eagle’s Nest was stumbled upon.

Immediately, we knew that this had to be the place. Firstly, it was perfectly located; it wasn’t too far from grocery stores and hospitals, and it wasn’t too close to the hustle and bustle of everyday living. We fell in love with this land, located between 3 national forests, that is so full of wildlife and nature that filled us with such serenity. As we were traveling through the 64 acres of land and listening to the creek flow we were almost certain this was going to be the place that we would have an escape to, and then we saw it.

The most spectacular view one can imagine, the rolling cloud-topped smoky mountains all surrounding the beautiful Campbell Cove Lake. it was almost like you could see the entire world from where we were standing. It was at this point we knew we needed to share this land with you. We knew how hard it was to find, and so our journey began.

Fifteen years later we now have 26 lots subdivided (now down to 23) ranging from one to five acres roads built, water and electric run, lots being sold and houses being built! We absolutely love the atmosphere here and hope that we can build, together, a log-home community that we are all proud to be a part of.


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